Moments with an M.E.O.

Finding Your Vision and Vision Exercise with Christina Mattison

February 14, 2022 Britt Season 3 Episode 106
Moments with an M.E.O.
Finding Your Vision and Vision Exercise with Christina Mattison
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Have you ever felt intimidated when asked, "What's your 1 year, 5 year and 10 year vision for your business?"? I like to ask my clients this question and commonly they either haven't thought that far ahead or were intimidated to talk about where they want to be in a few years time. It's common to be nervous about your goals, dreams, and even more intimidating to vocalize them, even to yourself. That's why episode 106 of the Moments with an MEO podcast is about finding your vision with Christina Mattison, and a bonus 15 minute vision exercise too!

In this episode, Christina and I chat about:
- What vision exercises are and how they work to help you figure out your next moves in your business.
- How meditation and vision work are similar.
- Different ways meditation can look like for you - not just sitting on a yoga mat.
- A vision exercise to decipher for yourself what your vision looks like.

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Christina Mattison  0:00  
Don't just let it poof into the abyss. But whatever you notice that really stands out to you, or that you really enjoy, or that really resonates, keep a little notepad nearby or a journal and write down these things that you see, you know, what does your desk look like? What does your office look like, really get specific as possible. So you can really, truly create this mental snapshot of where you want to go. It's almost like a vision board, but inside your mind, and once you write those things down, then you can start to look at okay, how do I get there?

Britt  0:43  
Hi, Kristina, I am so excited to welcome you back to the moments within me Oh, podcast, you've been on the podcast. Now, I think this is gonna be like your third or fourth time. And I get back because you're amazing. And people need to hear what you have to say. So Christina Madison is a yoga teacher. But she's so much more than that. She utilizes intentional alignment coupled with an integrated approach to help you really achieve not only your physical, but your mental and emotional health as well. So she primarily works with women in the military community. And she offers a variety of yoga and alignment mindset. I mean, everything. So she's definitely someone you're going to want to check out. And we'll get to how to connect with her at the end of the episode. But welcome, Christina, thank you so much for joining us yet again.

Christina Mattison  1:35  
Thanks for having me back.

Britt  1:37  
Go ahead and just give us just like a brief introduction of who you are. And I'm going to put the other episodes you've been on in the show notes so people can kind of connect with you more later.

Christina Mattison  1:46  
Awesome. Yeah. So long story short, I've done all the things in the military, I've served. I'm a reservist. Currently, I've been a military spouse, I've done all the things covered all my bases. I left active duty several years ago, to spend more time with my family. And we were, you know, starting our journey with having children. And so I decided to transition to the reserves. And now I'm running my own business from home, which gives me lovely amounts of flexibility. And my reserve job allows me to go on orders, whenever you know, I want to get back in the uniform. And it's just an awesome balance. I'm really enjoying it. And I love that I get to both serve my country and serve the people that serve our country. And it just feels really aligned. really fulfilling and and I feel like I'm definitely walking in my purpose, which is an amazing feeling.

Britt  2:44  
That is awesome. Now, I know you originally had the intention to do an in person yoga studio, you had it all set up and then COVID hit. What was that journey like for you? Well,

Christina Mattison  2:57  
you know, it's, it's interesting, because I've been thinking about that a lot lately. And I had literally opened the doors to my pop up yoga studio, the beginning of March, I think it was of 2020. And sure enough, you know, everything started happening with COVID. And shutting it back down was just kind of, I wasn't super sad at the time, it was just like, Okay, what's next? You know, I didn't get super down. I didn't get like wrapped up in Oh, I you know, I spent all this money. I was like, How can I transition online for those of us that are now locked down. And so I figured out zoom back when zoom was like a new thing that no one was using, you know, I figured out how to that was my first dive into marketing other than like hanging up flyers around local businesses. And that's really when the journey started. For me, the COVID was kind of how I transitioned online accidentally. And now my whole business is based online. And so I actually think it's really great. Maybe one day I'll open a yoga studio or retreat center. But for right now, I love being online. I love being able to pick up and take my work anywhere, whether that be you know, my family moving, or I just want to go like visit my parents for a few weeks. I just pack up my laptop and maybe a ring light and I'm good to go. It really wasn't something that I mourned for a long time. It was like okay, pivot, let's do something different. And it's just been a fun adventure ever since.

Britt  4:44  
I love that. I truly think that that's the difference between an entrepreneur and someone who wants to be an entrepreneur. Is that mindset shift of, okay, like, like, I can have my pity party, but then I need to get over it and I need to figure out how to just pivot and transition What's next right looking for that next opportunity always, I think, is really, really important as an entrepreneur throughout your whole entrepreneur journey. So I know that we talked a little bit more about this in depth in a previous episode, I'm going to put those again in the show notes, because you're gonna love everything Christina has brought to the podcast. So you definitely need to check out those episodes. Today, we're really talking about this concept or idea of visualization. And for the brand new entrepreneur, why don't we just start with like, What the heck is visualization?

Christina Mattison  5:37  
Sure. So visualization is a tool that has been used in psychology and therapy. In mindfulness meditation, you can see it used in different settings, you know, all over. And really, this is just kind of using your imagination, to picture yourself doing something, picture yourself in a certain place, you know, imagining what things will be like. And it's a really powerful mental tool, especially for entrepreneurs, because it has helped me visualization has helped me visualize where I want to go next, like, what does what do I want my business to look like? How do I want to feel? What do I want my day to look like? Like, what's my perfect day? What am I doing? What am I wearing? What's my posture look like? You know, how am I interacting with clients, when we start to build this mental picture of what we want, or what our dreams are, what we're aspiring to, then it creates so much more of a tangible thing, we can start to get specific, rather than just having this I want to be an entrepreneur, or I want to own my own business. Okay, let's take it a step further. And let's start picturing it using the tool of visualization. And then from there, you can start developing your action plan to get there. I like

Britt  7:17  
that it's like, intentionally focusing on not necessarily like an end goal. But like the next step. It's not necessarily like, oh, I picture myself from five years from now wearing leather pants, and then you have to go and buy leather pants. It's so much more than that, right?

Christina Mattison  7:35  
Absolutely. So a lot of the times, you know, especially in today's online business culture, it's like hitting six figures or getting your first seven figure, you know, it's like these big pie in the sky goals. And for someone just starting out, that can feel really overwhelming to the point where it's like, why bother? You know, why even start, because that's too big for me, like, I'll never achieve that. And, you know, that's a whole different conversation around believing in yourself. But for the sake of the visualization exercise, it really does give you like, the next milestone or the next goalpost, like thinking about where you want to be six months from now, or maybe a year. Normally, when I do visualization exercises with my clients, I ask them to think about themselves six months to a year down the road. What are you doing? What kind of things are you doing on a daily basis? How do you feel? How's your health? What, you know, what's your morning ritual? What's your evening ritual? What kind of things are you making time for regularly. And so rather than it being this pie in the sky goal of, you know, achieving six figures, or, you know, being going viral on Instagram, or having, you know, a million followers, it's like, okay, I visualize my business a year from now, here are the things that are true. And here are the things that I have achieved. And here are the things that I'm working on.

Britt  9:16  
I love that now, what just came through for me is a good question. I think a lot of people might be asking, and that's what's the difference between visualization and like meditation? Is there a difference?

Christina Mattison  9:30  
Yeah, I think there is I think meditation is more of like the umbrella. And then visualization is one of the ways that you can meditate so like when I meditate, it can look a different way. Sometimes I go for a walk and that's like a walking meditation. Sometimes I'm doing like a Guided Breathing exercise or, you know, sometimes it's more along the lines of like a meditation and journaling type exercise. visualisation is when you're kind of in that meditative state, you've kind of slowed down, you're still you're grounded. And then you start to picture or imagine different scenes, different, you know, pictures, different things inside your mind. So it's more of a tool within the overall concept of meditation and mindfulness. Yeah.

Britt  10:27  
I love that when I originally think of like meditation, the first image that pops into my head is, you know, sitting cross legged on a yoga mat with your eyes closed. And like, you know, like, you just get that, like your fingers are, you know, you're touching your thumb and your pointer finger, and you're just kind of like vibing out. But that doesn't necessarily have to be the case, it can be a written exercise, you're talking about movement and walking, there's so many ways to bring about this. So if you hear the term, oh, you should meditate. It doesn't have to be sitting on a yoga mat, cross legged, right? It could be something where you're moving or doing something else, which I think is really cool. Absolutely. So how can someone utilize visualization to project themselves or project their business? And what does that look like?

Christina Mattison  11:14  
So I think there are different ways that are going to work for different people. But from a general standpoint, what I would recommend, especially if you're new to the idea of meditation and visualization, finding one I would recommend finding a guided guided exercise, rather than like just sitting down on a cushion on your yoga mat and being like, Okay, now what, you know, find a guided exercise, you know, I've been practicing yoga and meditating for years, and I still mostly gravitate towards guided meditations. So I would say, find a guided there, there are plenty of apps out there, I love Insight Timer, there's headspace. There's calm, there's, there's plenty out there. And you can even search online for like guided visualization for entrepreneurs, I'm sure there's something on YouTube out there. Um, but I would say start small, you know, don't think that you have to go into some 30 minute guided visualization exercise, where you know, you're perfectly imagining this, you know, dream life. Instead, think about, maybe your goals for 2022, you know, or for the next year, think about where you would like to imagine yourself in a month, in six months, in a year, within your business within your life within your, you know, your personal relationships, however you want to apply it. But if we're going to specifically talk about business, then I would invite you to just, you know, get in a quiet spot, where you're not going to be easily distracted, you know, your, your dogs aren't running around, maybe your your kids are at school, or they're plugged into the TV or something, and take some time to just get grounded, maybe take some deep breaths, relax your shoulders, maybe you want to do a couple minutes of yoga beforehand. And then start to picture where you want to be, you know, start to picture, what you want your business to look like, maybe it's, you know, I want to be making this many sales, or maybe I want to have this many clients. Or maybe I want to wake up every morning, you know, have time to practice my morning routine and have you know, a day that just flows really nicely. And then allow your imagination to kind of start taking over as you start to create these mental pictures. And then I encourage you to write it down. That's I think my biggest piece of advice is don't just let it poof into the abyss. But whatever you notice that really stands out to you or that you really enjoy or that really resonates. Keep a little notepad nearby or a journal and write down these things that you see write down, you know, what is your desk look like? What does your office look like? What's the weather like? How what kind of clothes are you wearing? Really get specific as possible. So you can really truly create this mental snapshot of where you want to go because it's almost like a vision board. But inside your mind and you don't have to flip through 100 magazines, find all the pictures you want. You just create them with your imagination. And once you write those things down, then you can start to look at, okay, how do I get there? What do I need to do in order to get there? What systems do I need to put in place? What behaviors and habits do I need to develop? What kind of time do I need in order to achieve these goals or bring this into reality? You know, having that kind of multi step system is going to give you a framework and is going to give you some actionable steps, rather than just leaving it at this mental picture, taking it that next step and starting to ask yourself, How can I make this happen? How can I create this reality for myself,

Britt  15:39  
I love that, I love that. And so it's like taking this big picture that you've crafted through your imagination and your wants and your desires and your needs. And going, okay, like, this is one thing I can do today to start working towards that. And it's just like these baby steps. You know, you're talking earlier about how like six, seven figures can be really intimidating. But this seems, I feel a little apprehension about actually sitting down and doing it. But with a guided meditation or a guided visualization, that wouldn't be as overwhelming. And then it's just one step at a time. And those baby steps get you to the overall thing. So this seems much more simple of a process, then like, Okay, I'm gonna hit seven figures. And then everything in between is like really fuzzy. So I love that. Now, I know that you said you had a visualization exercise that you could do with us, I would love it, if you could just take the reins, and walk us through that if you are listening in the shower, this might be a good time. If you're driving, this may not be a good time. So pause this episode and come back to it when you are in a space where you're not focused on a million things. But you can actually just enjoy listening to Christina.

Christina Mattison  16:57  
Yeah, thanks, Brittany. So I would encourage you guys if you can, you know, if you want to walk while doing this, you can. If you can find stillness, you can lay down, you can sit, you can sit on the ground, you can sit on a cushion, a chair, really whatever works for you, I would just ask you to be comfortable. Make sure that you're comfortable, so that you're not distracted by like shifting around and being uncomfortable. So find your way to a comfortable position, arrange your body in a way that feels good. If you'd like to place both feet on the floor, you can. If you want to sit on a cushion, you know, make sure you're nice and cozy. And then maybe you feel like you need some movement. Maybe take some shoulder rolls, some neck rolls, if you you know are distracted by some tension in the neck and shoulders. And when you're ready, I invite you to just come to stillness. Perhaps close the eyes if you like or you can soften the gaze down towards the floor. And begin to notice your breath slowly inhaling and exhaling through the nose. Each time you exhale, let your shoulders soften a little bit. Let your belly relax. release any tension out of your face, jaw mouth.

Unknown Speaker  18:39  
Take a few deep breaths in through the nose, out through the nose. Allowing yourself to settle to get still to be in this moment.

Christina Mattison  19:04  
Letting any distracting thoughts recede to the background of your mind. It's normal for your brain to present you with information while you're trying to meditate and if that happens, that's okay. Just notice that you're having a thought. Let it go and come back to your breath.

And now let's go on a little bit of a mental and visual journey together. There's no right or wrong here. So don't feel like you need to do this perfectly. No judging yourself Have Just allow your imagination to begin to take over, allow thoughts and images to come up and present themselves. And just notice what feels really good for you what you like what you enjoy. And if at any point you feel called to write down what you see, then feel free to open your eyes for a moment and jot down some thoughts and then come back.

So I invite you now to picture yourself a year from now.

Whatever time you're listening, imagine fast forwarding one year into the future. Let's focus on you first. How do you feel a year from now? Notice how you're dressed. Notice how you carry yourself. Notice what you believe about yourself about your business.

What kind of things are you doing? What do you imagine yourself doing a year from now? And now let the picture begin to expand beyond just you and into the space in which you work. Maybe it's your home office? Maybe it's a shared co working space.

Unknown Speaker  21:59  
Maybe it's somewhere else. What do you notice about the area around you?

Christina Mattison  22:07  
And if you don't currently have a workspace for your business, imagine it What would you like it to look like? Maybe you imagine a space with lots of natural light.

Unknown Speaker  22:24  
A desk, a workbench

Christina Mattison  22:29  
maybe you like to imagine a new laptop if your laptop is getting old. What do you need in your workspace? In order to be successful in your business a year from now

Unknown Speaker  22:47  
notice the qualities of this space around you. What colors do you see? What does the room smell like?

Christina Mattison  23:07  
Notice any furniture maybe you picture a desk what's on the desk. Maybe you have a studio what's in the studio. Allow yourself to imagine what your dream space would look like a year from now.

Unknown Speaker  23:39  
Take some time to notice all the little details

Christina Mattison  23:49  
feel free to write anything down that stands out anything that you really like or enjoy write it down.

Unknown Speaker  23:57  
Or remember it for the end

Christina Mattison  24:05  
and now I'd like you to expand your vision even further. Think about your day. A typical work day for you in your business. What time do you wake up in the morning? What is your morning ritual look like? Imagine it even if you don't have one. All entrepreneurs need a morning ritual

What is your morning look like? Do you have coffee or tea? Do you make breakfast for your family? What's your first activity of the work day? What are you working on? Get specific. Is it a big project? Are you getting ready to launch a program Are you launching a collection of products? What are you working on right now? What are you creating? What are you preparing? Imagine yourself going through your day? What kind of things are you doing? Are you meeting with clients? Are you creating new products?

Are you creating content online? Are you coordinating details of a launch? Or an event?

Really get specific. Watch the rest of your day unfold. What time do you finish working? What are you doing with your evenings? Are you spending time with your family? Are you walking your dog?

Are you watching the latest episode of your favorite show with your partner?

Unknown Speaker  26:19  
What time do you go to bed? What is your evening ritual look like? If anything stood out to you, write it down. capture it.

Christina Mattison  26:42  
Finally, I invite you to open up the aperture of your visualization even further. And think about your life as a whole.

Unknown Speaker  26:53  
What does it look like? A year from now? Where are you living? What does your house look like? What does your family look like? What is your relationship or love life look like?

Christina Mattison  27:21  
Allow yourself to dream. Don't let any I can't. Or that's not possible for me get in the way. Give yourself permission to dream. What do you really want a year from now?

Unknown Speaker  27:38  
Maybe you're married, maybe you're pregnant? Maybe you have a kid

Christina Mattison  27:49  
what's true about your business as a whole. You can think about how much money you're making.

Unknown Speaker  28:01  
But you can also think about how many clients are you serving? What kind of impact are you having?

Christina Mattison  28:15  
What things have you achieved or accomplished in your business over the past year? Maybe you launched your website or opened your storefront? Maybe you opened up enrollment to your very first program. Maybe you signed your first one on one client. Think about the things that you have achieved in this dream and this visualization

over the past year write them down what milestone Have you hit? Maybe you made your first $100 $1,000 $5,000 $10,000 Maybe you were featured on your first podcast.

Maybe you launched a YouTube channel.

Unknown Speaker  29:27  
Maybe you hit a certain number of followers on your page. Get specific write them down

Christina Mattison  29:45  
and then to close out this visualization Imagine yourself once more. How are you feeling about all of this?

Unknown Speaker  29:56  
Are you happy, proud joyful, grateful does your life feel spacious? Does it feel filled with purpose? Reflect on who you have become, over the year

Christina Mattison  30:30  
to create this business to achieve these goals to hit these milestones, who have you become? Do you see yourself as a CEO, an entrepreneur, a leader,

Unknown Speaker  30:47  
a business owner? What do you believe about yourself? What do you believe about what's possible again, write down what comes up. I am blank, I believe, blank about my business, I believe blank about myself. When you're ready,

Christina Mattison  31:43  
you can begin to let these images start to dissolve.

Unknown Speaker  31:49  
Come in back to the breath.

Christina Mattison  31:52  
And knowing that these images, these pictures

Unknown Speaker  31:58  
are available to you anytime you need or want to come back. You can always come back. But for now, focus on the breath. Inhale. And exhale when you're ready, begin to slowly and gently blink the eyes open.

Christina Mattison  32:38  
If you haven't been writing, go ahead and right now, write down everything that came up during this exercise, everything that you can remember, jot it down in a journal on a scrap piece of paper, anything that you have nearby. And hold on to this hold on to these dreams hold on to these mental pictures. And, and most of all, hold on to those beliefs that we developed at the end. Because those are the most foundational piece into becoming the business owner that you want to become is the beliefs that you hold about yourself and about what's possible to write everything down. Hold on to it, put it up on a wall, put it in the front of your journal, and look at it often.

Britt  33:30  
Wow. I can honestly listen to you talk all day long. But I love like the things that like I'm like, Okay, I know where this is going right? Can you say the desks? So I know you're going to talk about things. But then you bring up things like what does it smell like? And I'm reminded of like my favorite candles, which are kind of expensive. To just have them always in my office would be an incredible indulgence that I would love to have a year from now. So I love that you really brought out those little tiny details, because they matter. And I hope that anybody listening because I did this as I was listening. I was like, oh, that's that's too big of a dream. Oh, that's too big for one year from now. But I hope that you recognize that internal dialogue and recognize it as you know, you holding yourself back. And so I hope that you dreamed and wrote down those things anyway. And if you didn't go back and write those things down too, because that's important. Well, thank you so much, Christina for that exercise.

Unknown Speaker  34:32  
Yeah, you're welcome.

Britt  34:34  
I would love to know how can people connect with you? Where do you want them to go to get all this? Walk us through everything that you've got going on? Yeah, so I

Christina Mattison  34:45  
probably have too many places to find me. I will say I don't keep up with them all the best places to keep up with me or my Facebook community. If you use Facebook. If you're on Facebook, search strong and resilient women on Facebook. It's a Group for women in the military community, we focus a lot on integrated health, the pillars of health, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. In that group, I share a lot of different valuable resources and trainings, and workshops, events, lots of opportunities to work with me to connect with me to do this type of work together. You can also find me on Instagram, I'm at the military Yogi on Instagram, there's been a lot of silliness over there. As I experiment with reels and all that good stuff. Those are the two main places to connect with me. Working on my app is something that I want to do more in the new year. It's a little bit outdated, but you're always welcome to email me as well. If you have questions, if you are looking for something in particular, you can find me email Hello at Christina Madison Any questions you have, I'll be happy to answer any resources you're looking for. I can point you in the right direction.

Britt  36:06  
All of those, your Facebook Group link, the link to your Instagram, all of that will be in the show notes so people can check you out. What we're really focusing on in season three is this concept or idea that as an entrepreneur, we are constantly learning, and that it's never okay, that's it. I've kept out I've learned everything that there ever was like that doesn't exist. And so I'd love to know what is something personal business doesn't matter. What's something that you're learning right now?

Christina Mattison  36:35  
Hmm, can I do too? Yeah. Okay. I would say in business right now, I just finished reading atomic habits. For the second time, I just let a book club in my community, or we spent a whole month reading and talking about atomic habits. And the biggest thing that I learned from it, this time reading through it was the importance of systems really having a system that's going to move you forward towards your goals a little bit every day. And it's more important to focus on the system than the overall goal. So if you're like, thinking about this visualization exercise that we just did, and you're like, I don't know how to get there, you need a system hit me up, I can help you set up a system to help you reach those goals. Because it's not about the goal. It's about the system that gets you there. So that is what I'm learning in kind of the business side of things. In the personal side of things. I'm learning the importance of joy. And this is gonna sound totally like off the wall. But for the longest time, I have had the weirdest relationship with money. And my business has been all about revenue, income numbers, what can I launch next? How can I make money this month, I took some time to kind of take a step back and allow myself to not focus on the money so much. And what I've been discovering is that when I slow down when I'm not hustling so hard when I'm not, you know really grinding every day, and I allow myself to embrace my own joy and happiness, that my inspiration tends to flow a lot better, I tend to listen a lot better. I am have way better service to my clients to my community. Because I'm not thinking about the money. First, I'm thinking about the joy, I'm thinking about the connection, I'm thinking about being present in my own life. And I have been really practicing this the past couple of weeks. And I gotta say, I'm feeling happier than I've felt in a while. And that's really huge for me, because my business started to feel like something that I needed to take a break from. And that's never what you want. You never want to feel like you got to take a break from your business. You want to feel like your business is a part of you that you love and enjoy and that you're grateful for. So as you embark on this journey, wherever you are in your journey of entrepreneurship, make sure that you're making space for joy, and to not get so focused on the bottom line, the revenue, the numbers, all that stuff, because that'll burn you out and lead to a hustle culture that nobody really wants.

Britt  39:31  
100% I love those. And I know that you've answered this already. So I don't know if you've got something different or if you just want to say the same thing, but how do you embrace being an MDL?

Christina Mattison  39:44  
Honestly, I think it has to do with what I just shared, which is allowing myself to have the business that I want rather than the business that I think I should have. We tend to should ourselves a lot like I should be doing this, I should be doing that I should be filling the blank. I did that for a long time I should all over myself. It leads to a lot of unhappiness that leads to a lot of comparison. And so right now, I am embracing being an Emmy Oh, by allowing myself to do things in my business that feel good, that feel aligned, and that I feel inspired to do rather than doing what I think I should do, because the should launches tend to fall flat. Whereas the I really feel good about doing this launches tend to hit different.

Britt  40:45  
I love that. I love that lots of aha moments came from this episode. And I just want to thank you, Christina, seriously from walking us through that exercise to just sharing even just being vulnerable and being open and just sharing like, hey, this didn't work for me in the past. So I've transitioned and this is how this is, you know, really bringing my goals and my dreams to fruition and I just love that you always come to this space full of inspiring words and encouragement, a lot of calmness, but also a lot of those sparking the ideas aha moments. So thank you so much.

Christina Mattison  41:25  
Thank you for the opportunity. Good to see you.