Moments with an M.E.O.

Preparing for Your First Branding Photoshoot, with Kristi

February 26, 2022 Britt Season 3 Episode 108
Moments with an M.E.O.
Preparing for Your First Branding Photoshoot, with Kristi
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If you haven't ever taken the plunge and done a branding shoot for your small business, you are missing out! Kristi, a milspouse and photographer, shares her best tips for a branding shoot, from picking the photographer to how to get the best shot. Episode 108 of the Moments with an MEO podcast is about branding photo sessions!

In this episode, Kristi and I talk about:
- How to pick a photographer for your session, and the things to watch for when you start planning the shoot with them.
- Proper photographer etiquette; dos and don't of what to ask for and provide your photographer before and during your session.
- How to get the best photos, from preparation to execution.

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Kristi  0:00  
You want to be able to show people, this is who I am. This is why you should trust me. This is why you want to buy my product or my service. The biggest thing is you yourself are feeling confidence. So that means that your outfits are pre picked. Not only have you looked at them in the closet or looked at them at the store and said that one that one hour, you have tried them on, you have made sure they fit the way that you want them to fit. You have done your hair the way that you want it to be done.

Britt  0:30  
Hi, Christy, welcome to the podcast. I am thrilled to have you on as our second out of over 100 episodes, we've only had two photographers on which is really great. And I'm really excited to see what you bring today about branding sessions. So welcome to the moments than me. Oh, podcast.

Kristi  0:47  
Thank you. I feel very special on the second one.

Britt  0:50  
I know I'm so excited. I'm so excited. Because today we're talking about something that I love. I love branding photos. I love branding sessions, and I get so much of a confidence boost from it on top of just like having fun. And I love taking photos. So I'm really excited about today's topic. Before we dive in, I would love it if you could just introduce yourself for our listeners.

Kristi  1:17  
Well, hi, I am Christie, I own Christie Harris photography. I've been in business for about six years now. I'm a military spouse, my husband has been in military for 1314 years, somewhere. We're one of the old people now. So I'm like I don't know how many how long. That's been. We have four kids. We have lived here at this space in Tucson for six years the first time. And this is our second go round because this is just where my husband's station is basically. So we've been here now for another three and a half years and just got recessions. So yeah, we're here for we're here for a bit. And actually, it's really great. It's very abnormal for the military life, to be able to stay in one place. And it it's been really great for us to be able to stay in one place since we have four kids and you know all the things that come with having a bunch of kids and moving all the time. So it's we love to song.

Britt  2:13  
You know, it's really funny because my husband joined the Air Force to travel the world. And he's been stationed at Davis Monthan for almost nine years now. I think the phrases don't move, right DM

Kristi  2:26  
DM is it's it's funny because whenever my husband joined 14 years ago, there weren't there were no social media platforms to say, what is DM like, you know, how are we going to be there? It was just like here, do you want to live in the cold or the heat? We're like the heat. So it was kind of a decision that was made for us and I'm happy about it because I would be miserable if it was in the cold as long as we've been in the heat. So yeah, I'm I'm happy about it.

Britt  2:54  
Yeah, I also don't miss shoveling snow or having to like start my car 20 minutes before I leave. Like not a fan. Not a fan at all. Yeah,

Kristi  3:05  
agreed. Agree. Totally agree.

Britt  3:07  
I would love to know, how did you meet your spouse? What's your love story?

Kristi  3:11  
We're both from Texas. I'm from South Texas. Brenham we're blue ice cream is from that's our only claim to fame. And he's from the Fort Worth area. So we met in college my sophomore year. And actually, I walked up to him and I kind of have a type A in your face personality sometimes. And I walked up to him and I was like, Hey, you I want to date you and he looked right at me and he said, Um, no, thank you. I was like, okay, okay, well, then I saw him again. He was like kind of a part of a friends group and saw him again. He was like, you're going to be persistent. You know, I was like, yeah, yeah, I am. And here we are. Many years later, I was kind of a serial dater. So I was like, Oh, well, I'll take you for a little while. I was like, I'm joining the military. I said, okay, good for you. High five. Good for you, buddy. And then now we end up, you know, I'm a military spouse and then involved in so many things. I'm like, it's just a very funny turn of events from like, Oh, I'm going to date you for a little while. It's like, oh, no, we're like in this military life is just a very funny,

Britt  4:14  
you know, I'm not usually the persistent type. But I was also persistent with Nick in the middle of a phase where I was also a serial dater. So I feel like we're connecting on a really personal level, right? Yes.

Kristi  4:26  
Yes, I'm not sure that my husband will like that. He's like, Oh, yeah, she wasn't serial dater. But I was. I was. But yeah.

Britt  4:33  
So let's get to the meat and potatoes of today's episode. I would love to know from your perspective, from a photographer's perspective, what is the branding session, like what is it?

Kristi  4:44  
So a branding session is really, you're trying to sell yourself, right as military spouses. I feel like we tend to be targeted for MLMs. We tend to be targeted for you know, businesses that are pyramid schemes, whatever. So even in those situations, you still want to have a branding session. But especially if you have your own business, if you're crocheting things, if you're a lash specialist, if you're another photographer, it's important for you to be able to sell yourself, not necessarily, you know, you're selling your product, you're selling your service, you're selling your thing, but people on a human nature basis, they really want to get to know you as a person, especially in this past two and a half years of all the chaos, it's even more important that people aren't seeing each other in person. So they want to be able to connect with you, they want to see a picture of you and be like, huh, I think I want to be friends with that chick, I bet that she has a great business model, I bet that her products are amazing. For a branding session, you're you're trying to sell yourself, you're not just trying to sell your products and your services and all those things you are trying to market who you are. So for instance, if you are taking photos, and you know you do a lot of stuff on your own stories on Instagram, whatever else, but on your actual feed on Instagram, right, you want something that looks professional, you want something that looks like I know what I'm doing, because most of the time, let's be honest, as a female military spouse that owns business, I am living in yoga pants, and like a ready for that probably has something that my kids filled on it. So I want to put out into the universe and into the Instagram world that I look like I'm put together because really on the inside, I'm mostly put together. But on the outside, you're gonna see me in yoga pants, but that's what I want to advertise on my feed. I want to show you, she's professional, she knows what she's doing. She's organized, she's fun, depending on what business you have, that's gonna kind of vary based on if you're doing fitness stuff. If you're doing, you know, an MLM, or you're selling candles, or you're selling, you know, you want to be able to show people, this is who I am. This is why you should trust me, this is why you want to buy my product or my service

Britt  7:00  
from someone who's not a photographer. I love branding sessions, because it's almost like a boost of confidence. And it's like, you know, I talked a lot about this MBO identity, this, you know, I am the CEO of my business, even if I have a small business, and that matters and showing up confidently in your business and in who you are, in that business is so important. And I find that branding sessions just bring me so much more confidence. I'm like, Heck, yeah, I am like, Yes, I'm a CEO, like, yes, the owner of this business. And you're right, it is about selling you. And in a world where there are so many new entrepreneurs, it's so important to stand out. As much as we'd love to say that we stand out because our product is unique, or we stand out because our services are unique. Yes, and no, because somebody else could go and just make the same thing, right? Like, even if you're thinking first. And so what really makes you unique, what really makes you stand out in this industry, whatever industry you're in, whether it's an MLM, whether it's, you know, a service or product base, is you and your personality. And so having that come through, I think is just so important to have online, even if the majority of your photos are product photos, I think you should still be showing your face. So printing photos are a great way to do that. Going back

Kristi  8:30  
to the competence, again, most of the times, we're not dressed up to the nines, whenever you're owning your own business, you're running from place to place, you're doing all these things. So it is a great confidence boost, not only at the time that you're doing it, but later on whenever you're like, Oh, I just feel exhausted, and I feel rundown. And it's 11 o'clock at night, and I need to post something and you're like, oh, wait, well look at this great photo that I have that I felt awesome. And I felt like a boss. And I just, that's the one that I'm going to post today. And it's going to make everything better, you know, in some way. And I think too, if you're in the beginning stages of your business, in the first couple of years, you're maybe not as confident as someone who's owned a business for 510 15 years. So having those photos to be like No, no, look, look, I'm confident I know what I'm doing. Even if you're maybe scrambling a little bit behind the scenes, it's a great way to be like, Look, I know what I'm doing. I am confident enough. These are my products. This is what I can do for you. I'm happy to do it. I think that is also a really important part because a lot of the times you're you know, you're stressed you have stuff going on. But it's great to show this happy face. Even if you're you know, just taking pictures for two hours and you're just so happy and bubbly and have all these things going for you. It's so great to be able to show that to people like yes, I'm going to show it for you and the best like my best foot forward.

Britt  9:50  
I 100% agree. And I think it's really important to know that I personally think everybody needs a branding session. Like there's a reason I had it as part of my routine. I think it's so important to have branding photos, even if you only do it once every couple years. And I would love to know, from your perspective, why might someone want or need branding photos? And how often should someone get them done?

Kristi  10:16  
So in my perspective, I think every few years is actually, okay, I actually think that that's fine. Because, to be honest, if you're doing them and you're in your first couple of years, it is an expense, right? It's, it's another thing that you have to think of, it's another part of your business, that is an expense coming from you. So I understand that it can be difficult to do it, you know, yearly, or every six months or whatever, although I do have clients like that, that I go there every two weeks. And do you know, it just kind of depends on your client and what you're selling and what you're doing right. So I think that it's important for branding photos to be done. You know, we do them every couple of years. And we do a lot of things right? We do you in multiple outfits, we do you in multiple different scenes, we do products, more than one type of product more than one type of flatlay more than one type of so you have a plethora of photos to be able to choose from to be able to post onto your social media. And if you have this all done at one time, it's more likely that they're all going to be kind of in a uniform palette. So if you look at big Instagram influencers, or you look at big companies, glossier is a makeup company, all their things, their palette is one type of color, and everything on their Instagram all kind of looks the same. Everything on their Facebook all looks the same, their ads all have a similar look. So that's something that is part of your brand, right? You want to be able to show that everything is kind of the same. So if you get all of these photos done at one time, then you're able to say, look at my Oh, look at my feet. Look, everything is very uniform. It all fits together. If someone does a quick scroll of clicks on your name does a quick scroll. They're like, Oh, yeah, this all you know, this is their brand, they look at you and recognize it, this is who you are. And this is what you're representing

Britt  12:05  
brand recognition is huge. And whether that is brand colors, or whether that is a certain vibe that you're going for, or whether that is the photographer that you use, you use them consistently, brand recognition is huge. You want somebody to be scrolling, and recognize that it's you or your photo or your business without even reading your handle.

Kristi  12:28  
Yep, you're exactly right. And sometimes that's hard to imagine whenever you're at the beginning of your business, trying to do everything else and thinking of okay, how am I going to make myself a brand what is what is my thing going to be? But the same thing, even if you have an Etsy shop, most Etsy shops that are successful that, you know, are selling out the wazoo, they have a, a, they have a brand, right, all their photos look the same. They're all uniform, they're using the same background, they're using the same thing. So and, you know, they're using the same photographer, and that happens a lot with my clients, why I use the people that I go to every two weeks, they're using me for a reason so that all their stuff looks exactly the same so that it is recognizable. Yeah,

Britt  13:08  
before we jump into tips to have a smooth session, because I know that that's important. We did have a listener question pop up. She was asking how do you know what photographer to pick? Obviously, it's really, really rude. And I just want to reiterate this a million times, it is so rude to ask a photographer for raw edits, or for the raw photos. But let's just dive into that just a little bit. Because I know that this has been brought up in conversations I've had with clients and just seen it on the online space. How do you know what photographer to pick and what's okay and what's not okay, when you're booking a photographer,

Kristi  13:47  
there are a ton of photographers, there's actually there's a ton of photographers here in Tucson that are really, really, really talented. So if you are looking for a photographer, it's a job to just find what type of branding you're looking for. Right? So if you're, for instance, selling something like essential oils, or naturally made baby diapers or something that you're using macro me, maybe you're gonna want to go with someone who has a little bit more of like a natural aesthetic. So a little bit more brown tones, or a little bit more of a natural, hippie kind of vibe. If you're looking for if you're selling something like Kid Toys, if you're selling you know, there's moms that sell Kid Toys, if you're selling something that's bright and colorful, maybe you want to go with someone who their their style is bright and colorful and happy and bouncy and and if the photographer has done their job, you're going to be able to look at their Instagram and immediately tell Oh, that's what I want. That's what I'm looking for. And there's all different types, right? There are people that only do black and white. There are people that do this beautiful, natural, kind of brownish tones. There's people that do bright colors. There's people that do a very, it's called light and airy, where it's very, very light and it's very and maybe you want do that if you're, you know, a therapist or something like that if you are makeup artists and you want the colors to pop, and you want it to be, you know, extra skin smoothing, maybe you want someone who does a lot of retouching, a lot of that kind of thing to make you look even better. And honestly, if you reach out to a photographer and you chat with him for a little while and you decide, you know, I don't really think that this is where I'm going to go, it's not going to hurt their feelings. Whenever you show up for your session, maybe you two aren't going to vibe. And that's okay, that's totally you know, it's, it's just part of it, that you're not always going to find exactly what you want, right off the bat. So I think it's important to reach out and maybe chat with whoever you're thinking, go and vet a few different photographers to find out who you think is going to represent you the best and who's handling you the best, because there are questions and there are things that you need to go through with them to be able to get to the stage before you actually take the photos. There's tons of steps beforehand, before you show up on that day and just say like, Hey, I'm here, that's not really how it works. You know, Instagrams of like a great place to look, there's tons of other places, you can just Google branding, photography, and the Google SEO will pop up 1000 people, I just think that it's important that you and your photographer get along that you vibe, I think that's what the millennials say that you vibe. But that you vibe with your photographer, and that you get along with their personality. Because, you know, for some people, I'm a lot, and that's totally fine. For some people, I'm not enough. And that's totally fine. I mean, there's, there's all different walks. And that's why there's so many. And that's why there's so many successful ones. Because there's different there's different modes for every single person. What is very funny to me, as a photographer, a raw photo, you can't even send a raw photo, one raw photo in an email, because the file size is so large. So if you don't have the editing capability, I think just people that aren't photographers don't realize that. But if you don't have the editing capabilities, and all the programs that we run everything through, you're not going to be able to do anything with that photo anyway. So even if you're asking for it, which is incredibly rude, and usually it's in the contract that you'll sign saying that it's you'll never going to get them. But you're not going to be able to do anything with them, even if you did, but yes, it's fair route. Do not ask for raw photos ever. Yeah, you can ask for re edits. Not okay.

Britt  17:23  
I didn't know that. I haven't ever needed to ask for that. But

Kristi  17:27  
yes, on occasion, some will ask for a re edit. But never Ross.

Britt  17:34  
Yeah, I feel like the editing process is almost, it's like 50% of your business. It's you know, because like the editing style is what makes you unique. Anybody who's proficient at taking a photograph can take the same photo, but it's how you edit it. It's how you know, it's how you put your style into it. And so that's why I personally, I just think it's like the rudest thing. It's like, oh, hey, like, I like your talent. But can we just like remove all of your personality for a second? Like, that just doesn't make sense.

Kristi  18:05  
That's a great description, actually.

Britt  18:08  
Alright, so we've picked the perfect photographer, and we're getting ready for our session. I feel like there's a lot of nerves here. Before the retreat. The number one question I kept getting asked was like, What do I wear and like, I'm so nervous about the session like I've never done one before. What are some tips to have a smooth session so that when you show up the actual day of is fun and not so stressful.

Kristi  18:39  
So I think the biggest thing is knowing that you yourself are feeling confidence. So that means that your outfits are pre picked, not only have you looked at them in the closet, or looked at them at the store and said that one that one that one you have tried them on, you have made sure they fit the way that you want them to fit. You have done your hair the way that you want it to be done. If you want to get your hair and makeup done, go for it right if you're doing if you're doing branding photography, every three years splurge and get your makeup done the way that you want it done. I always emphasize to clients to wear more makeup than you would normally wear anyways. Right? And some people just don't know how to do makeup. That's just not their thing. So if you're doing this every few years, get your hair and makeup done by someone treat yourself go in feeling like a million bucks instead of going on like oh my oh, I don't know what I I don't know how I'm going to look in front of the camera. I don't. The other thing is your photographer, especially in a branding session, maybe on a family session. It's a little bit different. But in a branding session, at least I love to have you send over hey, here's some photos that I was scrolling through and I really just liked them. Like they may not necessarily be the colors that I'm looking for or that but for some reason I was attracted to these. So here's a dozen photos that I think Oh, those are those are nice. I don't know what drew me to them, but here they are. So that's going to give us a Little bit more of an idea of maybe I'm not going to replicate exactly what you sent to me. But like, Oh, this is the direction you want to go. Alright, this is what we're doing. So I think that having not only your your outfits picked out and I want you to feel like a million bucks in your outfits in your, hopefully multiple outfits, you know, multiple props that you have things set up if you're, if you're someone who bakes cakes, have your cakes ready, have your things ready, you know, don't don't be stressing about all these little things. Because there's, there's going to be so many things go on and your photographers got you, right, you're going to walk in, and your photographer has likely done this many, many, many times. So they're going to know how to get you to smile, they're going to know what angle to get you at, they're going to know how to get you to be natural in front of the camera. And that's such a huge part of it. Right? Most people are not used to being models, right? You're being a model, kind of you're just standing in front of the camera like okay, what do I do. So knowing that your photographer's got you whenever you're walking into your session is really a huge confidence booster to so you know, have your have your outfits picked out, have your makeup and hair done, if that is something that is in your budget, and know that your photographer's gonna lead you in the right direction.

Britt  21:12  
The tips about picking out some photos beforehand is really key because at least for the branding sessions I've done it goes pretty fast. And so your photographer's only going to be able to pull from what you give them as well. And we're going to talk about best photos in a second. But I think it's so important to just go to Pinterest, and just type in branding session branding, photos, headshots type in things like that, and just see what pops up and see what catches your attention. Because it's going to be so much smoother. If you show up and you're like, Okay, I know what I'm doing. I know what I want. But this is the style or I would love to do some with a chair, or I'd love to do some with my computer. Like just having that kind of idea in mind helps the photographer pull from that to make sure that they get your idea.

Kristi  22:00  
As a photographer, I'm not going to take offense to you showing up to a session for yourself or your business and saying, this is this is the vibe I want to go for I'm going to be like, Yeah, let's do it. And, um, that is not something that your photographers can be offended about, they're going to be thankful that you're that you're being an active participant to on the on the flip side, if you're like, I don't know, just do whatever you do, depending on what you're you know, if you're making homemade, you know, natural baby diapers, and we're like, oh, okay, all right, we're gonna, we're gonna do what I would do. But that may not necessarily line up with the brand that you want to go with, you know, the style that you want to show. So it is important to be able to at least have a little bit of, you know, already brand consciousness to say, here is what I want. Let's do this. And then they're gonna guide you from there.

Britt  22:49  
Yeah. So moving on to tips for getting the best photos. We've already talked about being confident. We've picked out the right photographer, we've got you know, we've got our setup for the session. My favorite thing to do before a session is grab Starbucks. I don't know why. But just like spending $8 on a free through drink for myself just makes me feel good.

Kristi  23:10  
When you walk in like, I got it.

Britt  23:13  
Like Thank you. Yeah, right. And so another tip for smooth session is bring your photographer, their drink of choice from Starbucks, I love to do that. It just gives them a boost and keeps them energized and caffeinated. And just make them feel special as well. So just an extra tip there. Bring Starbucks, what are your tips for the best photos? Once I'm in front of the camera? How the heck do I get the best out of that?

Kristi  23:39  
I mean, depending on what you're going with, right for for your particular business. And you have such a bubbly personality. So for you, it's easy, right? You just stand in front and you, you laugh and you do these things. But sometimes you're photographing someone who's in fitness or something else. You want to show who you are as a person, right. So for the best photos for you, you're going to you're going to laugh, you're going to do stuff that you would naturally do your photographer's going to get the right angles, they're going to tell you sweet little tip for have a very round face. If you want to get the best photo without your double chin, you stick out your chin and you suck on your tongue at the top of your the roof of your mouth, right? So some things like that are things that you're going to get your best photos. If you're in fitness and you want to get your best photos. You want your form to be on point. Do I know what that is? As a photographer, cuz I don't work out No. But as someone who's in fitness, whenever you're doing your photos, make sure that you're in the correct form. Because once you get those photos back, you're gonna be like, Oh, that's not my best photo because my form is off here and here. And another maybe you know, maybe a person like me who doesn't do fitness stuff, won't know. But another colleague maybe like oh, maybe she's not very good at fitness because look at her form. So it's important to go in with a mindset of knowing what you want, what type of photos you want, what angles you want, if you have something that you're uncomfortable with, tell your photographer, for instance, I mentioned my double chin. That's my biggest, you know, that is my biggest stressor, whenever I go into Photos is, am I going to have a double chin? So you want to tell your photographer? Do you have a best side? Is there something that you feel uncomfortable with, because if you feel uncomfortable with it, I don't, I want to make sure that we are making you feel the best that you can. So that is a really important thing to be able to tell them beforehand.

Britt  25:30  
I love that. And I'd never thought about it's a vulnerable and courageous thing to do to go up to someone, especially if you've never met them before and ever worked with them before, and said, Hey, I'm uncomfortable with this. But the power in that is that your photos come out better. So I love that tip. I'd honestly never even thought about it. And I love it. My mind is blown. I love that idea. So

Kristi  25:54  
yeah, and I think too, I work with so many moms, and maybe that's where it comes from are with so many moms that are, you know, after you have babies, maybe you're not as comfortable in your skin, they're like, Ooh, I don't like this, this or this. Let's fix it. Okay, all right, we're gonna make you feel good about that we're gonna make because most of the time, you know, the things that you're uncomfortable about other people would never in a million years notice. They're never going to notice any of the things that you have insecurities about. But we're in the session, going to make sure that we make you feel good about whatever those insecurities are. I love

Britt  26:22  
that. Personally, I love branding photos, so much, I get them probably every six months, or sooner, because I just love them, I love it, it just energizes me makes me confident I love it. So I make that a priority, it's not going to be everybody's priority. And that's fine. But I've done it a lot. And so one of my favorite tips for someone who's new is and something that we learned I taught at the retreat is that when you're taking photos, every click slightly changed your position. If you only do like a smile, holding your coffee, staring at the photo for 50 frames, you're only going to get one or two shots out of that. Versus if you are constantly just slightly shifting your head slightly changing, you're going to get more photos out of that, because there's going to be different angles, different things that you're doing. And then a second tip that I have learned over the years is if you're going to do something like say you take photos with your coffee on the table in front of you. And then you want to take photos of you drinking your coffee or holding your coffee, do it in slow motion so that they get different clicks so that they get one of you holding the copy, lifting it up putting it to your lips, you know all these different things and just do it in slow motion, so that your photographer can capture more, because the more options they have, generally speaking, the more they're going to be able to give you because you're gonna have better options to pick from.

Kristi  27:44  
And even that same idea is you're wanting to maximize the amount of photos that you're going to receive, right, so maybe bring a couple of different coffee cups, maybe throw off your blazer and grab a different coffee cup, and move to the other side of the couch and then grab a different color, you know, so that way you have a little bit more of a variety of things. As you're moving slowly as you're doing, you're doing all the natural things that we are going to maximize the amount of photos that you get back to be able to use. I love

Britt  28:13  
that. Okay, how many like different outfits or different props should someone bring to their very first branding session.

Kristi  28:21  
So I typically like to say, three to four outfits, depending on what your business is, but I like to have something that is headshot worthy, you need a few headshots, I know that they're sometimes dorky and they feel uncomfortable. And you know, they're they're nerdy, but you have to have some headshots, you need them for business cards, you need them for, you know, your little YouTube circle you need, I don't know what that's technically called, but you do need them for things. So bring something that's classy, you know, it doesn't have to be a blazer, it doesn't have to be, you know, high heels, but something that shows you as a professional, but not necessarily doing what you do. So not necessarily painting what you're doing or you know, doing whatever your actual businesses, I would suggest one like that, I'm going to suggest another outfit that's casual, something that's just jeans and a cute top that you can sit on the couch and work on your computer, or you can sit at a desk and do whatever, if you wear glasses, but only sometimes, maybe bring a couple different pairs of glasses, maybe take some with and without glasses, maybe 100 glasses sitting on the side, bring your computer, bring your coffee cup, bring your bag with your notes in them, bring some cute pins to lay out you know, bring those kinds of props for more office work kind of things and then get something that's in your element for you. It would be really cute to do something with all of your studio equipment and outfit that you would wear. I would be in yoga pants 1,000% of the time, but I have photos of myself in with all my photography gear with my you know 1000 cameras in yoga pants because that's what you're gonna see me in most of the time whenever you meet me out in the desert so I think at least three outfits is key so that you have a variety things that you feel comfortable. And if it's something that you're like, Oh, this is really cute on but I can't move this way, or it's going to look like this. Don't wear it. No, because you're going to get the photos back, you're like, oh, I don't know about that. So so find something that you're competent. And if you're someone who does a lot of fitness things, bring a couple of fitness outfits, do a couple of different things do lifting weights, do sitting, do sitting in your gym, do you know, you're gonna have all different kinds of things you can do as far as props, same thing, if you're a painter, bring your paintbrush, or maybe they come to you, they come to your studio, that photographer comes to your your home, where you're doing what you normally do, or a coffee shop, you know, it can be a multiple place, kind of situation, you could go downtown and use buildings, but then also use a coffee shop, but then also use your house that's down the street, then also use you know, you want to have kind of a variety of things. Because as any small business, you're all over the place, you usually are not just working in one spot, you're traveling here, you're meeting with clients, you're doing all these things. So you want to represent who you are as a whole. And what you can do as a whole,

Britt  31:12  
just from what you've offered today. anybody listening who has not felt confident doing branding photos, or hiring the photographer, or taking that leap? I think we'll because you laid out a whole bunch of stuff from you know how to pick the perfect photographer through the smooth session to the best photos. So I'm so excited and just so thankful that you could offer your insight, I would love to know where people can connect with you online.

Kristi  31:41  
I am on Facebook and Instagram, Christie Harris, underscore photography on Instagram, I have a website, www dot Kristi, here's You can message me on any of those things, you can contact me via email. I am out there all over the place.

Britt  31:57  
I love it. What is one thing that you're learning right now,

Kristi  32:01  
I am actually taking a course right now that I am learning a little bit more emotive family photography, which is really a huge passion of mine, to be able to show a little bit more of connections between families, which is really my goal as a, as a mom, that's my goal is to be able to show the connection between your families, which is, you know, the opposite of branding. But that's my heart. So that's what I'm learning right now is a little bit more of how to show that connection between a mama and her babies.

Britt  32:28  
And how do you embrace being an M E to a military spouse CEO?

Kristi  32:33  
I think that is a loaded question. It's a unique world that we live in. Right we travel, you know, most military spouses that own their own businesses have to kind of restart every few years, I've been lucky that I haven't had to do that in a few years. Also, that's another reason to do branding photos at every new place. I think that it's a it's a unique, a unique strength to be able to appeal your business and move to a new place and restarted again and go to a new place and restarted again, it's important to have connections with fellow spouses, most of my friends or independent military spouse, business owners, because you just have to have the mindset of that. You can do this wherever you go. You just have to be strong enough to overcome those things that are going to get in your way inevitably, that gets in the way of every small business, but especially a military spouse where you may not always have someone home to help you or someone home to watch the kids or you might be bringing your kids along with you. Whenever you have a photoshoot which I have had to do. So it's just something that you got to roll with the punches. And as part of the military life in general, but especially as a spouse, you just got to know how to roll with the punches.

Britt  33:42  
Thank you so much, Christy seriously. It's so important, because of the self confidence that I get from I just want everybody to do branding. I don't always know the tech, like the technical parts of it, like what makes a good session and what makes good photos and having your input is incredible. And I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming on the podcast today. Thank you.

Kristi  34:05  
Thank you for having me.